More than Meets the Eye

The Magic of the Panorama

Format: 29,7 x 21,0 cm
Umfang: 184 Seiten, Hardcover
Erscheinung: 2019
ISBN: 978-3-948137-08-3
Preis: 27,00 €


The International Panorama Council (IPC) is the global organization which deals with the history, the present and the future of the panorama phenomenon. Since its foundation in 1992 it has held annual conferences worldwide.
More than Meets the Eye – The Magic of the Panorama is a publication of the International Panorama Council edited by Gabriele Koller. It includes essays by 29 authors who take a look at the panorama phenomenon from different angles and perspectives – all of them united by the fascination with the magic of the art form which offers more than meets the eye. 
The contributors are: Sylvia Alting van Geusau, Yadegar Asisi, Molly Catherine Briggs, David Brill, Mimi Colligan, Patrick Deicher, Alexey Druzhinin, Moritz Fehr, Antoine Fontaine, Erkki Huhtamo, Ralph Hyde, Yunhui Ji, Gordon L. Jones, Patrizia Kern, Gabriele Koller, Machiko Kusahara, Michael Kutzer, Thiago Leitão de Souza, Gregory Kahn Melitonov, Blagovesta Momchedjikova, Stephan Oettermann, Denise Blake Oleksijczuk, Lyubov Proshina, Kelly Pyle, Guy Thewes, Seth Thompson, Sue Truman, Sara Velas, Suzanne Wray.

The articles were prepared for publication by Gabriele Koller
Copyright © 2019 by The International Panorama Council

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